Testimonials for The Art of The Text

Here’s what others are saying about my book…
(Names have been changed for privacy reasons)

“I Had to Write You a Testimonial”

Okay first off I want to say I don’t really do this, but I really wanted to write you a testimonial for this book. I seriously learned so much and it was well worth the price. I mean all the copy and paste lines you give really helped me out. I hate the books that just give you “techniques” to try out but leave you hanging. You can put this on your website if you want, I had to write a testimonial for you, it was awesome! Let me know if you come out with anything new in the future.

– Kevin Matthews, Age 18, Newburgh NY

“Best Book I’ve Ever Gotten For Texting”

Hey Zac. I’m about half way through the book and I’m really enjoying it. There really aren’t many books like this out, but I’ve bought them all and this is by far the best book I’ve ever gotten for texting girls. Just wanted to say thanks because you have hooked me up with a couple of girls during these last few weeks.

– James Grimm, Age 27, Santa Cruz CA

“Have a Date This Weekend”

What a relief to find your book. I can’t tell you how many other books i read that were absolute crap. You really left nothing out. I’m going on a date this weekend cause of you. Awesome book

– Rahim, Age 25, Irvine CA



– Luke, Age 17, Kansas City KS

“So True”

all of the stuff you say in this book is so true. like how girls whho you dont like are always chasing you but the ones you do like you cant get. that stuff used to happen to me all the time. i feel like we are on the same page brother.

– Jeffrey, Age 31, Melbourne Australia

“Made a Skeptic a Believer!”

im really happy i bought your book Zac. i was really skeptical buying an ebook for $29 and thought it was all going to be just a scam. it wasn’t. you are true to your word Zac. There’s not many people left like you. let me know if you ever come to the city, i’ll buy you a beer.

– Brad, Age 21, New York City

“Used the Tips and Believe Me It Works”

Most books which promise results end up just make you looking ridiculous when you try it out, but this actually works. I used the tips and believe me it works. Now whenever I go to the bar or club and get a girl’s number I know they’ll be texting me back

– Joseph, Age 16, Cheyenne WY

“Going on a 3rd Date Tomorrow

There was this girl I work with at the office. I really wanted to ask her out, but I never knew how to go about it. Well once I read your book I finally had the balls to do it. Let’s just say her and me are going on our third date tomorrow. Thanks Zac.

– Toby, Age 25, Tallahassee FL

“Girlfriend of One Year”

Zac Miller, you know what you’re talking about. Applying the tips from your book worked on my now present girlfriend of one year.

– Josh, Age 18, Galveston TX

“Text the Next Day”

I’ve used the tips in your book on a multitude of girls and each time without fail I’d receive a text from them the next day.

– Charlie, Age 15, Bangor ME

“Can’t Stop Girls from Blow Up My Phone”

I was a complete failure with women. I never knew how to even approach them. Now I can’t stop girls from blowing up my phone. I’d be mad, but there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Regardless of what people tell you.

– Tony, Age 29, Worcester MA

“Results Couldn’t Be Better”

All I have to say is the results couldn’t be better.

– Scott (Didn’t tell me age or town)

“Met my Fiancée”

Like anyone at first I was skeptical. I read the book, but figured there was no way any of this could actually work for me. However, eventually I gave in and gave it a shot. Honestly I’m I happy did. I met my fiancée thanks to this book. You’re the man Zac.

– Steve, Age 33, Rockford, IL

“Can’t Keep Girls Off Me”

I can’t keep the girls off of me. Every week it’s somebody new. I thank my brother for finding your website guy and I thank you Zac for writing this book.

– Doug, Age 16, Anchorage AK

“It Works”

It works. Girls are finally texting me first. You’re a happy man at the end of it all. Case closed.

– Keith, Age 19, Bentonville AR

“Never Been More Satisfied”

I’ve never been more satisfied with a product. To think all I had to do was follow a few simple steps.

– Cal, Age 45, Virginia Beach VA

And many, many more…