What to Text a Girl You Just Met

What to Text a Girl You Just Met

Trying to figure out what to text a girl you just met? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hi my name is Zac Miller and I’m going to give you some free pointers on texting girls. So let’s go over a scenario; you just got a girl’s number and are now back at your place. You’re thinking:

  • Should I text this girl tonight?
  • Should I wait till tomorrow?
  • What should I even text her?

And the many more things you may be thinking. The first thing to remember is text her that night! I don’t know who came up with that stupid “3 day rule” but in these modern times and especially with texting, the 3 day rule is garbage. You want those feelings that the two of you just had together when you met to still be alive and intense. The more days that go by that you wait to contact her and the more feelings and memories of you that go away.

So here’s a great text you can send to a girl you just met:

“Hey Jessica, brush up on those pool skills! I had a fun time tonight. – Zac”

First off you say her name in the text which brings about a good feeling as everyone likes hearing their own name. This second part is optional but I like to include it in texts as it makes you stand out. In the second part of the text you are just teasing her a little which makes you seem fun and gets her laughing. Then in the last part of the text you just say you had a good time, and you can mention where you met her if you want such as “had a good time at Paddy’s Pub tonight”. Then at the end make sure to include your name because, just like sometimes when we meet girls, names can be forgotten.

This text is the full package when you are first texting a girl; you bring up the place you met her, you tease her a little, you tell her your name, and she now has your phone number. If for some reason she didn’t remember certain details about you, she now has it all.

Hope this tip helped! Know that texting is an art and there is a lot more you can learn. Would you want to learn more about texting girls, more examples of what to text a girl you just met, and copy and paste lines you can literally start using right away in your text messages? Then just click on the next page button below to learn all about the new book, Art of the Text: The Complete Guide on Initiating, Responding, and Being the Man Girls Want to Text.

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