text-STAR is for families

Having teenagers drive on today's roads is one of the greatest concerns for parents. In today's world the added risk of distracted driving brings that concern to a whole new level. Just as with any other danger, the issue needs to be addressed by parents first hand and awareness alone is not enough.

Let's face it, it may not be your young driver who gets hurt but, it can still hurt you when they hurt someone else or their property. Distracted driving accidents are not just a life or injury issue but, its also a huge liability with big ($$$) ramifications. Parents need a way to hold they're young drivers accountable to help prevent financial devastation.

That's where text-STAR's platform of change comes in. With text-STAR you're able to provide your young driver(s) with the right tools to stay connected without the distractions. Text-STAR works as their Digital Personal Assistant avoiding the need to pick up the phone while driving. Just have them download the available mobile app on Google Play and upon their registration, text-STAR develops their very own profile. From there, text-STAR will detect motion over 10mph and automatically reply to incoming text messages and phone calls to notify the incoming party with a preselected message. How well they're actually doing is reflected on their individual text-STAR Report which includes their personal text-STAR Score. This provides you the parent with the necessary means to help correct your child to be safe on the road and help prevent future calamities.

Lead by example. Do as I say and not as I do has never worked. Your children have always watched what you do over what you say their whole life. Text-STAR is an easy way for you to demonstrate how it's done. Become a text-STAR user and lead the way in driving responsibly. Your future grandchildren will thank you.