Insurance Carriers

text-STAR for Insurance Carriers

Texting while driving has become a sign of the times and its wreaking havoc on road safety and insurance claims. The fact is that too many people are losing their lives or getting permanently insured. The reality is that distracted driving carries great liability.

So what's an insurance company to do? Where do you start? We believe that rewarding responsible drivers who make a commitment to be safe and responsible with their mobile technology is a great place to start. The text-STAR system and patent pending technology, scores the individual driver which allows for a non-biased third party report for purposes of assessing the risk of distracted driving hence the opportunity to reward your insured.

As a result, text-STAR provides the opportunity for insurance carriers to offer scalable discounts based on being a user of text-STAR and through the demonstration of responsible driver behavior reflected via their individual text-STAR score. This new national system fills the void in distracted driving assessment that just wasn't available for underwriting practices until now.

Taking part in text-STAR's Preferred Carrier Network (PCN) just makes sense. Reward text-STAR users, help save lives, reduce claims, and put money back in your client's pocket. What better way to say thank you for standing out and committing to safer roads.

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