How to Text a Girl You Like

Trying to figure out how to text a girl you like? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m pick-up artist Zac Miller and I want to help you learn the art of texting. When it comes to texting girls, what you send them can really make or break your chances.

Ever notice it’s so hard to get a girl you like, but girls you don’t like are trying to constantly text and call you? Ever think why this may be? Think about what your doing with the girl you like, and the girl you don’t like and then switch it around. Most of the time, guys text the girl they like too much. They try to hang out with her too much. They try calling her too much. It’s all just too much and that’s why she starts not getting back to you. With the girl you don’t like, you may be ignoring her texts. You might only talk to her on the phone for a tiny bit. You might barely hang out with her. This is the biggest trick in the book when it comes to getting a girl you like and it’s called challenge.

Challenge is like magic when it comes to girls. You came to this article for an example though and I’m going to give it to you, with some advice. Okay so let’s say you like a girl, have her number, and either haven’t texted her yet or just have texted a little bit. Instead of texting her something like “what’s up” or “your beautiful”, like all the other guys have already done, text a girlĀ something relevant. Text her something about class, about a recent news story, about something she’s doing, or something else you can think of. You want the text to be relevant.

Then this is where challenge comes in. If the text is relevant, she will most likely reply. After she replies, stop texting her. I know you may want to text her more, but control yourself. By not texting her here you will be a challenge, and this will make her start thinking about you. While other guys may be continuously texting her, you aren’t. And now you’ve switched around the your strategy. This “challenge” is why the girl you don’t like has been texting you. Girls want what they can’t have. So by just texting her once and stopping the interaction, she will start wondering why you haven’t texted her back and you will get inside her head. This is a great start! If you need some more ideas for questions to ask a girl over text, check out this article.

The Art of The Text

Author Bio: Zac Miller

Author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting GirlsZac Miller is the author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting Girls. He got started writing books in 2012 with his first breakout book, The Ex Recovery Blueprint. Zac is a specialist when it comes to women and relationships. His interests include psychology, females, and poker. He is also a member of a pickup artist community in Charlotte, NC. If you would like to contact Zac, please go to the contact me page, where you can email him.

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