How to Get a Girls Phone Number in Class

How to Get a Girls Phone Number in Class

The first step you need to make to even think about getting on a date with a girl is getting her number! Getting a girl’s number is not hard, it’s just the approach anxiety that is the problem. Okay, let’s learn how to get a woman’s phone number in class.

There are two types of girls you could be getting a number from:

1. The first type of girl you know well and have talked to before. You guys both know each other.

2. The second type of girl is one whom you’ve seen across the classroom and know her name, but you haven’t really talked to her at all.

My technique works for both types of scenarios. (For this example your name will be John and the girl’s name will be Ashley).

You want to approach the girl right when class ends and everyone is packing up and about to leave. There are two reasons for this; one is no one else will be able to hear you and start yapping how John is asking Ashley for her number. The second reason is if she says “no”, you don’t have to sit next to her for the next hour feeling awkward.

There are two ways to approach this. You can go for the “class friend” approach or the “alpha male” approach. I’ll show you both.

The Class Friend

“Hey Ashley. Hey so I don’t really know anyone in this class and wanted to see if we can exchange numbers. This way if one of us miss a day we can text each other. Or if one of us needs help with something. Sound good?”

The Alpha Male

“Hey Ashley. I couldn’t help but notice you from across the class. You’re a very pretty girl. You think I could get your number so we could get to know each other?

If this girl has any interest in you she will be more than happy to give you her number with either of these approaches. Now the “class friend” approach is obviously a little easier as it doesn’t seem like you’re hitting on her and might not make you as nervous. The “Alpha Male” approach may get you a couple more brownie points though as you seem more confident to this girl and you’re giving her a compliment by say she’s “interesting” or “pretty”.

Whichever one you choose will work if she has any interest in you too. Then just take out your phone, get her number, and say “talk to you later” and leave. Don’t specify where or when you’re going to text her. Let her mind wander and be a little mysterious.

This is really all you need to do to get her number. After this, you need to know how to start texting her, calling her, and getting to know her.

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