Best Things to Text Girls

If you’re here, you’re obviously looking for the best things to text girls. Girl’s are quite the creatures they don’t make much sense to us men. They say one thing, mean another. You try to treat them right, and they don’t like you. It’s almost as if they want the opposite of what they say.

What you’re trying to do when you text girls is get them intrigued, so they are more likely to text you back. Things like “hey” or “what’s up” does not do that. I want to give you a few lines I use with girls that really get them excited to talk to me! These lines are for girls you already know, but want to try eventually going out with. Here we go:

  • “I’m having a debate with a friend. Is khaki a color or a fabric?”

This is just a little fun line you can message girls, and it will guarantee a response. And this is what you want, a response. After you get a response, you can start moving the conversation onwards, which builds more rapport with females. I talk about this more in my book, which is on the next page. Here’s another line:

  • “I’m at the mall and I’m trying on cologne. Do you think the one on my left wrist or right wrist smells better?”

Now obviously she can’t smell your wrists from her house, but she’ll know this and you’ll definitely get a laugh out of her. After she laughs, she’ll give you her response, and you can keep the conversation going. These openers are a big deal, because you can bore girls opening with “what’s up” or “hey” all the time. When you bore girls, they stop talking to you.

The Art of The Text

Author Bio: Zac Miller

Author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting GirlsZac Miller is the author of The Art of The Text: The Ultimate Guide on Texting Girls. He got started writing books in 2012 with his first breakout book, The Ex Recovery Blueprint. Zac is a specialist when it comes to women and relationships. His interests include psychology, females, and poker. He is also a member of a pickup artist community in Charlotte, NC. If you would like to contact Zac, please go to the contact me page, where you can email him.

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