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Funny Things To Text a Girl

What are some funny things  you can text a girl to win her heart? We all know having a great sense of humor is one of the key, most crucial components to landing a hot date with a woman of your dreams.  No doubt about it, guys with the right personality do win in the… (read the full article)

How to Message a Girl You Like

You just sent a text to a girl you like. A minute passes and she hasn’t responded; that’s okay, I’ll just wait a little longer. Then 30 minutes passes… then an hour. You aren’t getting a response. Should you text her again? Did you say something wrong? Is she busy? Situations like this happen all… (read the full article)

How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text

I have a secret I must tell you in regard to your question how to get a girl to like you over text. Are you ready to hear it? There is no “one line” that will get you the girl of your dreams over text… but there are ways to do it. Below I’m going… (read the full article)

How to Know If a Girl Likes You Over Text

It’s tough knowing what girl’s mean when they text you. Are they just texting you back, or are they flirting with you? Do they like you, or just being nice? There are certain signals that will teach you how to know if a girl likes you over text. What are they? I’m glad you asked…. (read the full article)

Best Things to Text Girls

If you’re here, you’re obviously looking for the best things to text girls. Girl’s are quite the creatures they don’t make much sense to us men. They say one thing, mean another. You try to treat them right, and they don’t like you. It’s almost as if they want the opposite of what they say…. (read the full article)

How to Get a Girls Phone Number in Class

The first step you need to make to even think about getting on a date with a girl is getting her number! Getting a girl’s number is not hard, it’s just the approach anxiety that is the problem. Okay, let’s learn how to get a woman’s phone number in class. There are two types of girls… (read the full article)

How to Text Girls in High School

So you’re in class with a hot girl. You guys start working on a class project together and before you know it you have her number. Everything is going great, you feel like the man, but there’s one thing wrong… you don’t know what to text her?! How to text girls in high school is… (read the full article)

How to Text a Girl You Like

Trying to figure out how to text a girl you like? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I’m pick-up artist Zac Miller and I want to help you learn the art of texting. When it comes to texting girls, what you send them can really make or break your chances. Ever notice it’s… (read the full article)

What to Text Girls

Trying to figure out what to text girls? Hey, welcome to the website. I’m pick-up artist Zac Miller and I have your answer! After collaborting with other pick-up artists in the field, we’ve developed a book that teaches guys everything they need to know about texting girls. I give you copy & paste lines you… (read the full article)

What to Text a Girl You Just Met

Trying to figure out what to text a girl you just met? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hi my name is Zac Miller and I’m going to give you some free pointers on texting girls. So let’s go over a scenario; you just got a girl’s number and are now back at your… (read the full article)